The plastic surgery ST3 interview is run once a year and is the key step to securing a national training number (NTN) in order to obtain a certificate of completion of training (CCT) and practice as a consultant in the United Kingdom. While competition is very high, preparatory materials for the interview is scarce. Apart from a handful of courses with a limited number of delegates there are currently no other avenues available to practice the content covered at interviews.


We at Plastic Surgery ST3 Interview have constructed this online revision program with the input of dedicated trainees and consultants with years of experience in drafting content for the plastic surgery ST3 interview as well as being members of the interview panel. We felt the best way to prepare for the interviews is to work through knowledge and skills that would be expected of a registrar at ST3 level via the format of the interview.  Plastic Surgery ST3 Interview provides a systematic approach to testing interview content making it an essential guide to preparing for the ST3 interviews.