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The plastic surgery ST3 interview runs once a year with an extremely limited number of training posts.You may have a glowing portfolio, however 80% of the marks awarded on the day are based on your performance at the interview.Perfecting the content and delivery of material examined at interview is essential to gain a high score and with it one of the highly competitive NTNs in plastic surgery.We have complied a set of over 60 stations by top ranking candidates over the last 5 years covering the entire interview syllabus which should ensure you're thoroughly prepared on the day.All content areas closely mimic stations encountered  in the actual interview.A portfolio section is also included to provide an idea of what is expected at the portfolio station .Check out our sample stations!

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Provides a through review of all content areas of the plastic surgery ST3 interview

Model answers guide you through each of the areas tested at the interview

Includes a database of  over 60 stations including clinical scenarios and detailed answers that are constantly updated after every interview


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